​The Manly Fun Run is more than just a great community event.
By participating in this event you have the chance to raise some much needed funds to help people in our local community.
​It's a safe haven for women in need, hope and inspiration for teenagers to navigate life's challenges, and a listening ear when needed the most.
These are just some of the ways your fundraising will help the Manly community.
Remember, friends, family and colleagues will want to support you - but they won't know to sponsor you if you don't ask them!

Fundraising Tips

Nothing shows commitment to the cause like sponsoring yourself. It's also a great way to lead by example - if you're asking friends and family to sponsor you, it makes sense to sponsor yourself as well!
​Plus, people who sponsor themselves raise twice as much as people who don't.

Let friends, family and colleagues know you've signed up to the Manly Fun Run - that way, there's no backing out! Tell them in person, send an email, send an SMS, put it on Facebook, Tweet it, Snapchat it; whatever works for you (maybe all of them)! Don't forget to let them know how they can sponsor you: share your profile page URL, or ask them to search your name on the website.

We all need reminding every now and again. You're doing something great for others, so don't hesitate to follow up people, and remind them to sponsor you. Even if you've asked before, people get busy or simply forget.
An easy way to remind people is by posting updates throughout the month. Don't forget to explain why you're taking part and why the chosen charity is important to you. Let friends and family know that they are supporting a great cause; helping people in our local community who need it most.

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